Spira grows algae. Delicious, and nutritious, spirulina.

Our Story

Spira began in a garage laboratory in Richmond, Virginia, when founder Elliot Roth was without access to fresh, healthy nutrition. As a huge space geek, Elliot stumbled across a study in which NASA had taken spirulina and grown it in space. He also found out it was used by the Aztecs in times of famine. If it was good enough for astronauts, it was probably good enough for everyone. Spirulina uses 200x less water and land in cultivation than any other traditional agricultural crop, enabling Spira to bring spirulina to the world to offer a solution for malnutrition in all its forms.


In April 2016, Spira was selected for the world’s first synthetic biology accelerator, RebelBio. The program provided scientific expertise and access to resources in the biotechnology field.

In August 2016, Spira received a grant from Lighthouse Labs in Richmond, VA. Along with acceptance to their renowned accelerator program that provided business development, mentorship, and guidance via partners specializing in design, product development, marketing, talent building, fundraising, and lean startup practices.


Spira grows microalgae, the most efficient nutrition on the planet, to provide food security.


Through establishing means of growing this protein, to encouraging education, Spira continues to drive it's mission.


Our vision is to solve the physiological needs of humanity using simple biological design. Spira continues to drive this.


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Spira Values

We > Me

Our team is built on the premise of changing the world. Ego holds no value.


You have two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you talk.


You get what we ask for. Ask clearly and courageously.

Open Up

Be honest early and often. Default to transparency.

Why = #1

There is always a reason. Understand first principles to plan for success.